Lissette Alpuin-Chalouhe

B.HSc (Naturopathy), DRM, Dip.Lomi-Lomi,
Cert. Fertility Management

Lissette Alpuin-Chalouhe became acquainted with the benefits of Complimentary Therapies from a young age after witnessing its benefits when used to treat chronic and acute health conditions.
Her career began in pharmacy, dispensing prescriptions, and after 13 years she went on to study at UWS NSW and obtained a Bachelor of Health Science, majoring in Naturopathy and Massage Therapy. She has since then included Fertility Management as part of her naturopathic services.

Her experience has allowed her to employ her knowledge of both orthodox and alternative medicine when consulting clients, at the clinic and at a Sydney based pharmacy where she currently works on a part-time basis.

Lissette's experience as a Lifeline Counsellor for 4 years has also provided her with invaluable experience when consulting with people of all ages and backgrounds. The skills she achieved from her experience as a lifeline counsellor, has enabled her to understand the importance of treating people individually and holistically to achieve the maximum benefits of health and wellness.


• Lomi-Lomi Massage
• Acupressure for the emotions
• Fertility Management
• Naturopathy