Beneath our physical dimension is the non-physical dimension or the world of energy. We are surrounded by energy.

From time to time we can experience unpleasant or negative energies in our environment, especially in our homes or workplaces. These negative energies may be the build up of emotional outbursts - anger, grief etc. over periods of time, or they may be the energies of individuals who have not successfully passed over into the light and are therefore 'trapped' in the physical realm. Still other energies may be those of beings from other dimensions inappropriately entering our 'space'.

Our senses 'pick up' these energies whose presence may be subtle or impactive to our lives and affect our feeling of well-being and safety.

A space clearing engages a number of techniques to clean, balance and harmonise the energy in your home or workplace and clears away any dark energies or lost souls, leaving your environment feeling lighter and more pleasant to be in.